Tillsonburg Hurricane Hockey Club: Hockey terminologies

If you’re new to hockey, you might be overwhelmed by a lot of terms that refer to every move in the game. But don’t worry because Tillsonburg Hurricane Hockey Club compiled all the commonly used terms in this sport to give you an idea of what they mean and how they are used. 

Learn more about these terminologies present in hockey and keep your game spirit rolling!

Five holes

It refers to the hockey scoring system. The numbers one to five are designated on a clockwise position starting on the lower left part of the net going inside between the legs of the goalie. 

Game misconduct

It is when a player receives a penalty and gets dismissed from playing the remainder of the game. 


Grinder plays on the 3rd or 4th lines by using their physical strength to battle for the puck. They’re known to use force when playing instead of being strategic. 


A penalty is received by the player after pushing the opponent in the boards. 


Passing the pluck from one player to another.


Blocking your opponent so they can’t move forward. 


It is when the puck goes inside the net or beyond the goal line earning the leading team one point. 


Also known as the goalie, who blocks the puck from coming inside the net and letting the other team score a point. 

Penalty shot

A player gets an opportunity to score with only the goalie as the defence after the opposing team loses their chance on scoring after getting a penalty. 


Refers to the area where the goalie stands for defence. A penalty will be given to the player who tries to distract them from the game.


Similar to basketball, it’s where the players of both teams face each other to battle each other in getting the puck on their side. 

Hat trick

Refers to the player who scores at least three goals within the game. 


A strategic move by the player to confuse the goalie in which way will they move the puck to score a goal

Change on the fly 

Changing of players within the games. 


Refers to trash-talking of the players inside the game. 


A heated moment between players battling between the puck. 

Hand pass

You can pass the puck using your hand while inside the defensive zone but not in the attacking and neutral zones. 


A penalty is given to a player who intentionally interrupts another player who doesn’t have the puck. They usually do this by knocking out their stick or preventing them from picking up their equipment if it falls on the ice rink while playing. 


A term used to describe a celebration when the team wins the game. 

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