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Dear Friends & Families,




Welcome to the Tillsonburg Hurricanes Jr A Hockey Club.   

  The Tillsonburg Hurricanes entered into the GMHL in the 2016/17 season. It was a very success full season.  Our club was awarded the All-Star Game and is recognized as a top Junior A program in Ontario. We have partnered with a Southern Pro Hockey League team to place our players at their training camp. We also have many connections around the world for other Pro leagues.  We have connections and friendships with College and Universities in Canada and the USA, if you prefer to go to school and play hockey. This year we will send 2 players from our team to pro training camps and 2 players will have hockey scholarship opportunities. 1 player will make his Country’s Senior National Hockey Team.

The Greater Metro Hockey Leagues Values and Beliefs run parallel with our visions. Provide hockey players with an opportunity to start playing hockey at 15 and finish playing at 22.Allowing you to get a quicker start on your Jr hockey carrier and have two extra years to develop mentally and physically stronger. And the most important, promote and showcase players to the next level. Especially NCAA & CIS. This is our major focus. Develop players to have the opportunity to gain an education and play the sport you love at the same time.

  The Hurricanes have an experienced coach in place that will develop your skills and knowledge helping you become a stronger player. I have put the right people in place to help you succeed.  I have 3 pillars I follow in life: Trust, Integrity & Honesty. These pillars when they come together Build Strength. A solid foundation for our team’s success and your development.


Tillsonburg is in the Oxford County and is located 1.5hrs west of Toronto, 2hrs east of the Windsor/Detroit border and 1.5hrs from the Niagara Fall/Buffalo border, Tillsonburg is in a central location to some major cities & the next biggest growth area for the GMHL.



The organization's vision is to ice a team to be competitive and profiled with quality players that have good scholastic grades in school. Making it easy to attract international and global scouts. There are players from around the world that participate in the GMHL.  This is just one of the many reasons why the GMHL is growing strong with international exposure.


Our goal within the community is to get Tillsonburg residents involved with the team.  From Games Days to Fundraisers to Billeting to a Booster Club to Public School visits to Minor Hockey nights and much more.  We welcome any supporters that are interested in becoming a member of the Tillsonburg Jr.A Hockey Club. There are many position available on the team.




We look forward to meeting you at the rink.




Tillsonburg Jr.A Hockey Club


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