The 2019/20 season may have ended in a hault for the hockey club being sweeped 4-0 in the conference final, however the 21 year old players will continue their hockey career at the next level siging contracts with pro teams Europe and North America. 7 players signed with the following teams: Ivan Bondaranko - Columbus River Dragons in the Federal Hockey League, Ivan Vorobyov - Watertown Wolves in the Federal Hockey League, Louis Rebelle signed with Meudon Comets in the France D2 league, Alex Takacs signed with Lysekils HK in the Sweden D3 league, Taylor Woolcott signed with the Falkoping Blue Riders in the Sweden D3 league, Kam Wilson signed with IFK ORO in the Sweden D3 league, Ray Smith signed with IFK ORO in the Sweden D3 league, Keegan Krawley signed with IFK ORO in the Sweden D3 league, Mitch Randell signed in the Finland D3 league, and Jacob Walter signed in the Sweden D3 hockey league. The Hurricanes ownership team would like to wish all the players best of luck in their next step in their hockey career.



Tillsonburg Hurricanes fans, friend and family have been asking what really happened at the end of the season that caused the Owner to relieve the coach/gm the day before the Conference finals. The owner stated “it was a lot of little things that added up, and the final straw was receiving text messages from other owners in the league that the coach was Tampering with their players”. “He is a fine coach when it comes to developing players. He has some beliefs and traits that didn’t fit the owner’s beliefs and values moving forward”.


  The Tillsonburg Hurricanes ownership has decided to seize operation for the 2019/20 hockey season.  Ownership has taken a lengthy period of time to make the decision based on past season on and off ice facts and documented events that occurred during the 2018/19 season.


  The Hurricanes started in the GMHL 2016 season with a vision to build a team from bottom up, with a slogan of “Faster, Stronger, Smarter”.  This slogan was woven between the hockey team, the players and staff.   A program that can run smoothly with excellent results.  The Hurricanes have had 12 players move to Pro levels around the world in the past three seasons as well as 3 to Universities. A program designed by the owner of the Hurricanes who believes in giving the opportunity to young hockey players to be part of a growing organization.  As the team grew in strength in the 2018/19 season both on and off the ice, signs of disconnect in values and visions started to happen between the ownership and coach/gm.


  It was in early Sept 2018 when the owner discovered player’s fees/funds missing from players accounts, which was later recovered after finding out the funds had been deposited into a non-owners personal account. These players fees were sent via money transfer from Europe, Western Union statements showing 2 money transfers of approx. $3200.00 euros and $1700 Canadian cash from the players going into the account not belonging to the Canes. The players involved confirmed the Western Union money transfer and cash money was given. Local authorities did an investigation in March 2019, and determined this was an unethical act towards the Hurricanes business. It took till Nov 2018 to recoup the players’ fees funds.


 During Dec 2018 and Mar 2019 Billets and players parents notified the owner that a coach/gm was hanging out and partying with players at the billet’s homes and would stay over and leave in the mornings. This was not the conduct fitting the Hurricanes vision.

  The season started and quickly gained a strong name around the league.  Coming out of the gate with a 9-1-0 record, everyone was riding the big wave through the town and the league.  Until injuries started plaguing the team once again.  The current GM at the time had built a team to win, but was short players on the bench. Ownership was demanding strength in numbers if the team was going to a run for the Russell Cup.  3 lines, 4 defense and 4 goalies won’t bring you a championship at the Junior A level.


  There were 6 games suspensions handed to the Canes coaching bench during the season and the team was put on a 1-year probation period.  Discipline was also a problem on the bench which lead to players also being suspended during the season. The owner fought to have these suspensions lifted but with no success.  Fans and parents around the league would let the Canes ownership know what they witnessed was not appreciated.  The ownership did not condone or approve of such behavior.  In Jan 2019 the ownership started to investigate a little deeper to why the team behavior had changed. A phone call came in to the Canes Ownership filling a complaint against the team of a Bi-Law infraction that could have led to a $2000.00 fine to the hockey team. Arena staff present at the away rink identified the Canes person and filed the report. This came after a previous report from another township that the bench Canes member was using the facility wall as a drawing board for a play.   The Canes ownership was tied to these events based on visual and video content evidence from both township employees.  This caused the Canes owner several hundred dollars in fines and written apologies to the townships involved.


 Reports of the Hurricanes being sold started to become more of a topic around the rink and from owners and coaches around the league.  This was in early Dec 2018, a few days later the Canes Head Coach made and offer to buy the Canes (while standing in the lower lobby of the Tillsonburg Community Center).  The Canes owner said “thank you for the nice offer, but no”, and walked away.  As time went on, these rumors of the Canes being sold became more and more popular throughout the leagueand Oxford community.


  Phone calls started to come into the Canes Owner’s office in late Jan 2019 with complaints that the GM of the Hurricanes had been “Tampering” with other GMHL team’s players. An investigation started when text messages between the Canes GM and the players were sent to the Owner of the Canes, showing the GM telling the players that “he had bought the Hurricanes and was moving the team to another location and come play for him for free”.  This was the last “RED Flag” and the Canes owner could no longer tolerate this conduct and reflection on his hockey club.  As a result, two tampering charges equaling $5000.00 were laid against the Canes. Even though the coach/gm was considered a family friend (since 1999), when it came to negatively impacting the Canes business vision, or deliberately trying to ruin a business reputation the coach/gm had to be let go. The Canes owner has great respect for the other owners in the league and this type of conduct by the coach/gm is not acceptable in the Canes organization.  The day before the Conference Final on Mar 9 at 7:30pm the coach/gm was relieved from his duties and the team. 

  Illness hit the team quickly after the dismissal of the coach.  The owner and player development manager held a meeting with the players to explain in detail the events and facts that lead to the removal of the coach during this pivotal time of the season.  A decision the players could not understand. 


 During games 1 & 2 in St. George the players had their game plan with a list of lines they wanted to run with.  The players designed their line up and followed their guidelines. When you go up against a team such as St. George with 4 strong lines, 8 defense and the best goalie in the league, it is not going to be easy.  Down 2 games to zero, in the Am on Mar 15th, the owner was notified that 2 players got food poisoning from eating Chicken Sandwich’s from a fast food restaurant late in the PM on the 14th of March.  


  The 2 players went to hospital and were released.  Not able to play by Doctors orders other players contracted the flu and could not play either.  8 Cane players decided not to play game 3.  This resulted in the game being forfeited and game 4 was to be played the following night in Tillsonburg.  In the AM on the 16th, the team Owner and a team captain spoke about game four and the health of the players. It was reported back to the owner from one of the captains that a team Face Book pole was taken and it was decided amongst the players not to play game four. However, this was not all players who took this vote. 7 players still showed up to play game four. Still not enough players to play a game based on league rules, which game 4 was forfeited as well. The players that were sick did show up to the rink to watch what the outcome would be.


  The next day on the 17th of March OPP was contacted after the Canes owner office at the rink was broken into in the AM.  An investigation started, which the Community Center surveillance cameras showed 2 Canes players leaving the rink exiting the Lions entrance with a rolling trainers kit and team jerseys.  1 team item was returned after the OPP retrieved the item from the player’s home. No charges were laid. 1 player on the video involved later stated in a text message “he does remember how they got into the office but he needed to get his helmet.” The office door locks were immediately chaged after this report.

 As a result of all the above situations supported by facts and evidence has made the decision for the ownership to take the following year 2019/2020 year off to regroup and come back with a stronger identity in the future. The Canes owners have a strong belief in Strength, Honor & Respect. When people do not follow the same values as this hockey program, it becomes a hard situation for everyone.


  The Canes owners looks back and regrets this past year and are truly disappointed in the way it turned out.  A lot of local people have been asking “what happened?”, and many rumors have been circulating around Tillsonburg. These are true events and facts. 

  The Canes have worked well with the Tillsonburg Community Center over the past 3 seasons.  The ownership would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to all supporters of the Tillsonburg Hurricanes over the past 3 years, including family, friends, billets, parents, players, volunteers, and fans in the Town of Tillsonburg.





Canes owner moves 8 players for the 2019/20 season to Bradford Rattlers and Bancroft Rockhounds. The decision to move the players are for their best interest for their hockey carriers.  We wish the players all the best in their future goals and dream in hockey. 


Going to the Rattlers: Kian Hiawatha, Griffin Sinden, Riley Ellis, Noah Acciaaccaferri, Rodrigo Sacristin.


Going to the Rockhounds: Noah Demelo, Jacob Walter, Kam Wilson.

Ivan Bondaranko attracts National sports station Sportsnet to Tillsonburg



Silver Linings



Hurricanes Stock Pile in GMHL Draft


The Canes General Manager Ian Ellis has made some moves to stock pile in the GMHL 2019 Draft.  The Canes have 2 First Round Picks, 2 in the second, 1 pick in the 3rd, 2 in the 4th, 1 each in the 5 through the 9th, 2 in the 10th and 1 each again in the 11th and 12th. The GMHL Draft is May 12/13 week-end. The Canes are scouting local areas for young talent that would like to have their hockey resume/Elite Prospects profile enhanced with being drafted.  You can contcated [email protected] if you are interested in playing Junior A Hockey for the 2019/20 season. 






Latest News

Canes Coming close to Hiring New Coach

Tillsonburg Hurricanes Management are interviewing several coaches to step into the role of Head Coach for the 2019/2020 season. 


The Canes management are expected to post an announcement mid June on the new coach.  


Interested coaches can send their resumes to [email protected]



Message from the Owner

On behalf of the Tillsonburg Hurricanes I would like to thank everyone involed in a successfull 2018/19 season.

2019/20 GMHL DRAFT

The GMHL Draft will be held on May 12 2019.  The Canes have been actively scouting players from All 4 corners of the world to find players that are looking to develop their skills and hockey IQ.

Our Celebrity Sever Night.

The Canes select a local resturant to help serve the customers. In 2019/20 season 


2019/20 Prices TBA



The hockey club is looking for billet families.  We have players from around the world coming to play.  Billet fees are $600/mth.  Contact the managment for inquiries.


Do you want to play Jr'A' hockey for the Canes?.  Contact the Canes at  [email protected]


Contact the Howard Johnson Hotel to book your reservations when your family is in town to watch the Canes.


Do you need school hours or want to volunteer? Contact the Canes at [email protected]



Twitter: (@tburgcanes  / Facebook:/tillsonburghurricanes.


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Logan Kerner  - Selkirk Saint (BCIHL)

Mircea Contstantine - Romania (IIHF)

Chandler Knibb - Lindenwood ACHA 1

Elan Scarella - France Pro D3

Alexander Vigor - France Pro D2

Bryan Siber - Swiss Pro D3

Taylor Woolcott - Sweden Pro D3






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If you would like to hear a testimonial from one of our past players please contact us. We would be happy to connect you with them.

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