OUR Hurricane advertsing department has put together the best business pacakages in the Oxford County that bring together both business and sport that benefit both parties grow within our county. 


Sponsorship Opportunities
 All of our sponsorship opportunities are built around our team pillers...TRUST, HONESTY & RESPECT.  Our goal is to have Oxford businesses investing in our Global recgonized program.  Furthermore, we want to serve as a marketing tool for local businesses, helping you achieve local, provincial & global recognition.  

 All of our sponsors deserve to be publically and personally recognized for their sponsorships.  That being said, all sponsors will be personally recognized at the end of each season with a token of our appreciation.  Additionally, all sponsors will be publically recognized in the following ways:  Storefront signage:   When you decide to participate in our program, a Hurricanes Logo will be placed at your establishment, with your permission.  This sign illustrates to the public that you are a supporter of the Tillsonburg Hurricanes.

 Season Tickets
 We want all of our sponsors to see their investment in action.  As a result, with the purchase of any most of our sponsorship packages, your business will receive a complementary season ticket package. 


Website Sponsorship

 All sponsors will also appear on our website, www.tillsonburgjrahockeyclub.ca, throughout that sponsored year. 

 Board of Sponsors
 All sponsors will also appear on our Banner of Sponsors. All participating sponsor will be advertised on a Banner located at the front enterance of each home game for all fans, families & friends to see. 






Complete Major Sponsor Partner.................Executive Sponsor Pricing



Your company is our focus to promote at all times on and off the ice, while in Tillsonburg and other cities and towns.  Your company logo will be represented on all of the below, social media, Tweets, Game time announcements.



·       All players jerseys

·       All players pant shells

·       Sticker on all players helmets

·       Blue Line / Booster Club Jersey

·       All players hockey jackets

·       Company name in All home game programs

·       All players t-shirts or work out wear & jackets

·       10 Home Game Season Passes

·       Company advertised on Team Website

·       Player Banner

·       Special Jersey Sponsor Night



Blue Line / Booster Club Jersey.................................................$300.00


Your company logo on the back of a Hurricanes Dark jersey, which will be hung in the Hurricanes Blue Line Club wall.  This is a popular, high-traffic area where fans gather for beverages during and after the game. Following the season, you will receive this jersey to hang in your business or home. All jerseys will wear the #17 for the year you support the Hurricanes.



Player Banner Company Advertisement..................................$1000.00

This opportunity places your company’s logo on a custom designed and co-branded banner.  The banner will be placed in the front lobby and around the rink during all home games.



Helmet Sticker............................................................................$2500


·        Company logo on 2 x 3 sticker on the one side right of each

Player’s helmet (Company to provide artwork)


·        Company listed on the team website for the season.


·        6 season tickets.


·        PA sponsor recognition at every home game.


·        Periodical social media shout outs. (Company to provide business links)



Game Jersey Sponsorship– Home & or Away..........................$3500.00


·        Company name on bottom of all player jerseys.


·        Ability to be recognized at 21 Away & 21 Home games, plus playoffs.


·        Company listed on the team website for the season.


·        8 season tickets.


·        4 Play Off Passes for Home Games


·        PA sponsor recognition at every home game.


·        Listed in home game programs – Full Page


·        Periodical social media shout outs. (Company to provide business links)


·        Team Jersey with Your Company Name on Back.



Single Game Jersey Sponsorship Home or Away..............$750.00


This single jersey sponsor opportunity will be placed on either 1 player’s home or away jersey.  This opportunity is a fantastic way to attain weekly exposure in Tillsonburg and cities in Ontario. For example:  Down Town Toronto, Port Colbourne, London, Kingsville, Tottenham, Oshawa, Colbourne, North York & St. George are among the teams played on a weekly basis throughout the season. An easy way to widen your business connections.



Special Game Jersey Night Sponsorship........$1,500.00


The Tillsonburg Hurricanes are committed to our community and some of our involvement comes in the form of our special jerseys nights.  Both Breast Cancer Awareness and Remembrance Day Jersey Nights are great way to pay respect to our Nation’s Hero’s and to those would have won and lost battles against Breast Cancer.  In both events, the jerseys will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the corresponding charities. 

 This program is stabilized upon the need for community sponsorship. Your sponsorship places your business name on the entire set of jerseys.

 What makes this sponsorship opportunity truly great is that your jerseys will be worn in recognition of their cause. For example; The Breast Cancer Awareness Jerseys are worn in warm-up throughout Breast Cancer Awareness month and for the duration of the designated game.  During the designated game the jerseys will be auctioned off to fans, who will in turn wear the jersey to future games advertising the name of your company on the shirt.  In addition, your company will be recognized in the community for sponsoring such a worthy cause.  


Breast Cancer Game: Pink Jerseys – Breast Cancer Assco.

Remembrance Day: Camo Jerseys – Canadian Legion






Pant Shell Sponsorship......................................................$2000


·        Company name or logo in color on a 4 x 5 patch sewn onto the

Pant shell.


·        Ability to be seen at all 42 regular season games, plus playoffs.


·        Company listed on team website for season.


·        6 season tickets.


·        PA sponsor recognition at every home game.


·        Listed in home game programs


·        Periodical social media shout outs. (Company to provide business links)



Game Puck Sponsor..............................................$1500.00


This opportunity allows your company to place your logo on one side of the puck. The other side will be the Hurricanes logo. In addition to having your advertisement on the official game pucks that go out of play, we will also provide a “Puck Sponsored BY______” announcement. Your company logo will also be mentioned on our team’s website.



Team Transportation/Busing Sponsor......$ 10,000.00


A $10,000.00 sponsorship will make you the Hurricanes Transportation/Busing Sponsor.  In return for this sponsorship, you will receive a full-page advertisement in our program, home game recognition and website/social media recognition during all home games & 1 Booster Club Jersey
























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