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Recruiting FAQ


Do players have to pay-to-play for the Tillsonburg Hurricanes?

Yes.  This is a Pay - To - Play Tier II Junior "A"  league. We keep the cost affordable for Players and Families. Our Club costs are equal to AAA, and other Junior A Leagues in North American.  

What is a tender?
A tender is a confidential contract, of sorts, a player signs announcing his intentions to play for that particular GMHL team and that GMHL team only. Once a player signs a tender with an GMHL team, his playing rights belong to that team within the GMHL and he may not be recruited by any other GMHL team. All tenders are void after a GMHL date validates players are now free to sign with another GMHL team

How many players can the Hurricanes sign?
Tillsonburg likes to carry 3-4 goalies, 8-9 Defence and 12-15 Forwards. We like to secure our Team to be a Healthy Team throughout the season and be able to compete at a high level ever game night.  Life, School, development and injuries play a big roll in a players involvement everygame night.

When is the GMHL Draft?
The 2019 GMHL Entry Draft is scheduled on May 12

Are tendered or drafted players eligible to try out for other GMHL teams?
Unless agreed upon in writing by the two GMHL teams, tendered or drafted players are not eligible to try out for other GMHL teams.

Are tendered or drafted players eligible to try out for teams in other junior leagues?
Yes, all tendered and drafted players are eligible to try out for any team in any league other than the GMHL.

What if I am not drafted or tendered, but still want to play in the GMHL?
Players that go undrafted must contact Tillsonburg Hurricanes President/GM Ian Ellis regarding tryout procedures. Un-drafted and non-tendered players are eligible to try out for our club. Many free-agent players earn roster spots at our tryout camps, and therefore are a very important part of our recruiting process.

How do I learn about individual teams' tryout dates, costs and procedures?
Tryout dates and contact information will posted on the teams' Web sites.

How do I let teams know I am interested in playing for Tillsonburg Hurricanes?
Prospective players must contact the individual teams coaching and scouting staffs regarding their interest. Contact information can be found on the teams' Web site.

Are non-Canadian born citizens allowed to play in the GMHL?
Yes, we expect ALL players from around the World, from ALL countries. 

Is there Player Insurance?

All non-Canadian born players must purchase Player Insurance throught the GMHL selected Partner Insurance Compnay. You can visit www.gmhl.net

What does the Players Fees go towards?
Our club uses the players fees to help pay for all players' ice time (practices and games), as well as all travel costs incurred while traveling for games and tournaments, including meals, and any other program packages available for the player. The club also incures additional fees that are not part of the player fees.  

Do Players get Traded?

The Hurricanes state in ALL players agreements, The player will not be traded.  We believe the player needs a strong foundation to build confidence, mental strength and to devleop in a stress-free and positive enviroment. 

Is equipment supplied and paid for by the team?
Most equipment is supplied and paid for by the team, including tape, gloves, pants, jerseys, socks and skate sharpening. Players can have the Additional Equipment Package if requested. Stick can be added to the players package if requested.

What is a billet family?
As most players leave home to play in Tillsonburg, a billet family is with whom a player lives with during the GMHL season. It is where they eat, sleep and study. Billet families are screened and interviewed extensively by the team to ensure a healthy living environment before being allowed to house players.

What are Hurricane players responsible to pay for?
In additional to personal expenses, Hurricane players are responsible for a monthly fee -- an estimated $525 a month -- to cover room and board at the player's billet home. That money is paid to the billet family to cover living expenses (food, etc.) on the 1st of each month.

Can high school student-athletes leave home to play for the Hurricanes?
Yes, many players still in high school leave home to play in Tillsonburg. Those players enroll in a high school in Tillsonburg are under the strict supervision of an academic advisor at the high school as well as OUR team's staff.

Can high school graduates work or attend classes while playing playimg for the Hurricanes?
Yes, we encourage every high school graduate to either work a part-time job or attend academic classes while playing for the Hurricanes. International working Visa' will be need for those non-Canadian players to work in Canada.



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