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The Hurricanes have been recognized as a top organization in the Greater Metro Hockey League in just their first season. The GMHL has awarded the Hurricanes with the 2016/17 All-Start Game. The first time in league history a first year team has been awarded the All-Start game. Tillsonburg has a professional program and state of the art facility to be hosting a high profile event. Top Elite players from around the world will be in Tillsonburg to display their skills Jan 10 2017.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tillsonburg Community Centre

Team North America vs. Team World


Single Ticket $10.00

Group Tickets (10 Tickets) $90.00

Call the Hurricanes ticket office to reserve your tickets 1-519-573-7223 or Email


5:30pm • All-Star Player’s Pre-Game Meal

7:00pm • All-Star Warm Up

7:30pm • All-Star Game

Intermissions will feature Skills Competition type events

The Tillsonburg Hurricanes are set to host the 11th Annual GMHL All Star game. The game will take place on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 at the Tillsonburg Community Centre.

Kicking off the night, the players will be treated to a pre-game meal at 5:30pm hosted by the Tillsonburg Hurricanes.

The Event will be following the style of having a Team North America (Canada and United States players) and a Team World seeing players represent any country not in North America, this is a great format as sometimes it can even see teammates matched up against each other.

The All-Star Game will begin at 7:30pm with national anthems and a statement from the GMHL. The puck will then be dropped with three 20 minute periods. The Tillsonburg Hurricanes will be hosting 50/50 draws amongst the all-star festivities.

Each intermission will feature a skills competition style event for the fans to enjoy and the players to show their stuff.

The GMHL All-Star game has always been popular for recruiters and scouts from higher levels of the game.

The All-Star Rosters will be released in the 2017 New Year.

GMHL awards Tillsonburg Hurricane Hockey Club as the best organization

The Greater Metro Hockey League (GMHL) recently awarded the Tillsonburg Hurricane Hockey team as one of the best amateur hockey teams in Canada today. 

According to the hockey team’s president, Ian Ellis, this wouldn’t be possible without the help of his professional coaching staff and other administrators.

‘We have worked hard over the years and finally achieved this goal. However, this doesn’t stop here. The administrative team will continue to work on the organization’s progress and hopefully extend our services from all over the world,’ he added.

Training programs

President Ellis stated that they provided various training programs which significantly contributed to their recent achievements. Check to know more about it below:

  • Agility training

In this program, our professional coaches ensure that the player’s agility is great. Our team generally focuses on three elements such as lateral movement, cutting and pop & burst. With constant practice and dedication, all of these together would make for a highly effective training session. 

To do these activities, the staff would place cones on the field and have members do various drills to enhance their abilities.

  • Push and hit passing

Another training program that contributed to the team’s success is the push and hit passing drill. Basically, the push pass is where you push the ball along the field with your stick and try to continue rolling it down the field. On the other hand, the hit pass is where you stop the ball gradually and try to control it. 

This activity can usually be carried out solo where one will alternate between hit and push drills to enhance your skills further. 

  • Trap

The term ‘trap’ in hockey basically means to stop the ball effectively in its path. The goal of this training regime is to alter the gameplay by intercepting the opposition’s passes and improve the hand-eye coordination of the goalkeeper.

One of the ways our coaches does this drill is by getting the players to pass the ball between one another to stop it in between each pass. Stopping the puck is done using the flat bottom of the stick or by laying the stick parallel to the floor. Overall, this will help players to improve their initiative and awareness on the field.

  • Dribbling relays

Similar to running relays, dribbling relays will require you to run. The only difference, however, is that you will have to add the aspect of dribbling into the exercise. The main goal of this training program is to have two players race with each other while dribbling the ball.

  • Shooting

Last, but not least, is shooting. No matter what their position is on the field, we understand that every player should have some level of experience with shooting. Not only does it focus on the accuracy and speed of the goal-scoring but it also works on their hitting and pushing skills in general.

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